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 The Laws of Alliance Balrogs

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The Laws of Alliance Balrogs Empty
PostSubject: The Laws of Alliance Balrogs   The Laws of Alliance Balrogs EmptyThu Sep 17, 2009 5:49 pm

The Laws of Alliance Balrogs are as follows:

1) Any offensive action (attacking or scouting) must be decided upon by a vote.
A) The targets flag is red in color (meaning we are at war with that alliance), no vote is required.
B) If you are attacked then you may return the attack but only to the individual who attacked you, no vote required. (please let us know prior to launching attack)

2) We only accept members with 100K prestige or more.
A) Real life friends regardless of prestige can join no vote required.

3) All promotions, demotions, expellations, and any other punishments will be voted on.
A) If a member requests to be expeled then no vote is required.

4) Only English will be spoken in the chat.

5) Our Flag will be "ORCS" and should be changed as soon as possible with the "National Flag" item.

Lord Holm
Vice-Host Alliance Balrogs
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The Laws of Alliance Balrogs
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